Adventure Trips

Adventure trips in Mallorca

Adventure Trips

With over 20 years of experience is Skualo the expert in the areas of adventure trips and watersport activities. Our teams in three centers around Mallorca are making your holidays unforgettable.

To flee the every-day routing every one is looking for something different. As a result, some are looking for time to relax gliding on their Stand Up Paddle Board through the Mallorcan waters. While others are searching for an adventure or a combination of fun, sport, and action. They can experience during a SUP Adventure Trip or Snorkel Excursion or a Try Dive.

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Explore the Mediterranean by boat only with mask, fins, and snorkel.

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A mixture of adventure, work-out and relax. Discover Mallorca doing Stand Up Paddle.

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Explore the underwater world in a unique way: with mask and snorkel. During our Snorkel excursion, you will be taught by a professional guide ho to adjust and use your snorkeling gear. Once in the water, there is only one thing to do snorkeling. While moving through the crystal clear waters you have the opportunity to dive into a different world admiring the flora and fauna of Mallorca. The bay of Pollença is giving shelter to a variety of underwater creatures. Besides the mysterious underwater world, you have the option to bring some action to this excursion. Therefore you can explore a small sea cave and/or a jump from the incredible cliffs.

By the way, all our snorkel trips are taking place in the shallower parts of the sites we do our scuba dives. If one breath is not enough to explore the underwater world then join one of our Try Dives.

Stand Up Paddle

The transport is fascinating everyone. To paddle through the water with on your board is transporting an incredible feeling of freedom. Our Stand Up Paddle Tour is combining this feeling with relaxation and workout while you are able to enjoy an amazing view into the bay of Pollença or the Bay of Alcudia. On the other hand, you can participate in the SUP Adventure Trip which is expanding that feeling through cliff jumps and a snorkeling experience by paddleboard. These excursions are always suited to the group participating. This Adventure Trips will make your vacation unforgettable.

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