Customized Speedboat trip with Scuba Diving & Snorkelling in Pollensa Bay between Cap Pinar and Cap Formentor!

Customise your Speedboat Charter

Our customized charter is an individually scheduled boat trip in the Bay Of Pollença which includes a variety of activities like cliff jumping, cave exploring, Scuba Diving as well as snorkelling or swimming.
After boarding on our 350 HP and 8,50 meter long Zodiac the Bay Of Pollença awaits its rich variety of small beaches, cliffs and caverns, to be explored during a boat excursion.
Underwater you will enjoy a world full of steep walls, overhanging rocks, arches and small caves, fish swarms and the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna.
Additionally, special refreshments & snacks can be organised to be served during breaks upon request.
(*Depending on weather, participants, time schedule)

Excursion time

You can choose the length of your Customized Charter! Please be aware of the weather condicions, as our zodiac boat does not provide shadow on deck.

High quality equipment

You will be equipped with high quality snorkelling and diving gear by MARES.

Professional Captain

All our Customized Charters are led by a professional captain. Depending on the planned activity, you can choose to include certified snorkelling and/or diving guides

Refreshments & Snacks

The Customized Charter option lets you decide your preferred snacks & refreshments which will be served on the boat

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to include different activities during my customized charter?

Yes! You can do a Try Scuba Dive, snorkelling, cliff jumping and cave exploring on the same trip.

What are the conditions when booking my customized charter?

With booking the Customized Charter you accept our General Terms and Conditions.

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