Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Mallorca

Skualo is for more than 20 years the standard for quality, professionalism and fun in scuba diving on Mallorca. Beside the dive center in Alcudia there are two more in the eastern part of the island. This competence let us become the perfect dive center for scuba divers of every level as well as student from beginner to professional levels.

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Are you missing the (a) scuba diving license? We offer you courses from beginner up to professional.

Scuba Diving Excursions

Do you want to scuba dive? – We are diving several times per day in the bay of Pollença and Alcudia.

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Why Scuba Diving on Mallorca?

Regardless if you are a beginner or a professional scuba diving on Mallorca offers the right activity for everyone. Beginners can enjoy small and protected bays to improve their skills. On the other side do we have the opportunity to dive next to steep walls with depth up to 30m. Even deeper dives up to 40m and even technical dives are possible. As well the caves in different levels of difficulty are offering the perfect excitement for everyone.

The Underwater Landscape

Especially known for its beautiful caves capable even for beginners is the bay of Pollença. About ten of these caves in different sizes and levels are on the list of dive sites we visit regularly in our daily dive trips. If you do not want to put your head in a cave – no problem – with a fascinating rough landscape made of rock, cliff and swim troughs you will be able to enjoy every dive.  Mostly dominating are steep walls, overhanging rocks, and arches creating an extraordinary mood.

scuba diving in caverns mallorca
scuba diving in mallorca

Flora and Fauna

On the other hand, you will find enormous swarms of Damselfishes which are living close to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean sea. As well the Goldline fish is a common companion between the Cap Formentor and the Cap Pinar. Mostly you will find it in medium to large scale swarms close to the many seagrass fields. Beside these calm attendants, you will find on special spots Mediterranean Barracudas. In swarms between 10 and more than 100 animals, they come across spaces rich in nutrients to hunt smaller fishes. Besides these, in open water living animals, we find rare fauna close to the ground during our dive trips. If you are fascinated by the color changes an octopus can do, the incredible colors of a nudibranch the ground full of life will open another world. Indeed here and then we find the rare broad-nosed pipefish close to the seagrass or even rarer seahorse.