The most beautiful dives in Mallorca

Double Dive

Single Dive


Requirements / You’ll need Diving License (C or D-Card), Medical Certificate, Insurance for Scuba Diving (more info), ID / Passport

Included Certified Guide

Scuba Diving on Mallorca with Skualo Alcudia

Daily we are going out with two dive boats for three separate dive trips to the Cap Pinar and the Cap Formentor. In a group of max. 11 Divers with one or more guides the about 25 dive sites are visited.

Our dive sites for boat dives are close to the coast and up to 30 min. away from our dive center in Alcudia. Besides these, we have several dive sites to do shore dives within a few walking minutes from the center. On top, all our groups are sorted by level and experience.

All our dive trips are conducted during the morning and/or afternoon. By the way, we even offer continuous education with our scuba diving school.

Double Dive

Our Double Dive is the most favorited dive trip in the Bay Of Pollença. After arriving at the scuba diving center you will be equipped by our professional guides and instructors. The new and modern gear is coming primarily from MARES one of the biggest and most successful manufacturers in the world. Once suited up you are ready to go on the boat.

After only two walking minutes you will board on one of our two diving boats. Gear and tank for your second dive are already stored on the boat and with the up to 350 HP strong boat are you heading to the Cap Pinar or Cap Formentor. The only the Bay Of Pollença is providing is with more than 20 dive sites waiting to be explored during a boat dive.

Underwater you will enjoy a world full of steep walls, overhanging rocks, arches and small caves, fish swarms and the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna. In conclusion, you will see mostly barracudas, nudibranchs, scorpionfishes and the typical octopus, but also morays and rays are sighted sometimes.

Single Dive

To dives are too many for you or you would like to conduct a third one? Then our Single Dive ist made for you. In the morning and afternoon is running out one of our boats for a single dive at Cap Pinar. Like in the Double Dive you are able to visit the special underwater environment of Mallorca in smaller groups. Within one day two Single Dives can be combined to one Double Dive.

Further, you have the option to conduct in a Single Dive by the coast. In addition, we offer you a dive to refresh or even a full SSI Scuba Skills Update.

A truly good diving center – and I’ve seen plenty This dive center is good, really good. Why? – they check properly your diving background and secure that you dive with insurance… Read more Meinung von Allinroc