Try Dive

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Requirments / To bring ID / Passport, bathing clothes, minimum age: 12 years, swimmer, no restriccons according to the medical questionnaire.

Included Certified Instructor, Scuba Diving Insurance

The Try Dive or the SSI Try Scuba Program is the perfect entry in the world of Scuba Diving. Because of that it is ideal for everyone who wants to try or is interested in a scuba diving course. During our half-day Try Dive you can take your first breaths in a small group with up to 4 persons in the sea with a maximum death of 5m. We will bring you there completely without any previous experience after an intense briefing.

The Theory – In the beginning, your Instructor will teach you the knowledge necessary to conduct your first dive. This about 20 min briefing will cover everything from equipment usage and hand signals to equalization techniques.

Getting started – After the theory part you suit up. Beside your neoprene suit, mask and fins you are going to use a full scuba gear. While getting used to breathing in shallow waters between Cap Pinar and Cap Formentor are you gaining confidence in the usage of your scuba gear. Once ready you can slowly start to reach the maximum depth of 5m. For our in-water session, you will have up to 60 minutes time, of course, depending on your air consumption.

The Underwater world – That is the reason we are going diving the flora and fauna underwater fascinates us. The Bay of Pollença is providing us with the perfect area to see all kind of marine life. The mediterranean sea around Mallorca houses with Brass, Starfishes, Goldlines, Ornate Wrasses and even the rare Broad-nosed Pipefish a diverse fauna. But the flora and landscape underwater are just as interesting. Even though the flora is not comparable to a tropical sea we are thrilled by all these incredible rock formations, arches, and small sea caves.

Probably you will not experience the whole world of the sea in your try dive, but you are laying a string fundament to build on. The scuba diving certificate is building on exactly this experience. The Scuba Diver Course is preparing you to dive accompanied by a professional. In contrary, the Open Water Diver is treating everything from dive planning, the buddy system up to equipment configuration and usage.

Diving discovery (first dive ever) An excellent experience, enjoyed by my wife, kids (age 16 and 13)and myself. a pick up at the hotel, followed by diving instruction and health questionaire, led to getting wet suited up (all kit provided)…Read more Opinion of Chris M.