Snorkeling. A family adventure.

Enter in to a new world

Snorkeling by boat

Requirements/You’ll need
Minimum Age 6 Years, Swimmer, Bathing clothes, Towel

Certified Instructor, Snorkel Rental Gear

During the snorkel excursion equipped with mask, snorkel, and fins we go out by speedboat close to the coast in the north of Mallorca. After arriving at one of our popular snorkel sites the adventure starts, exploring the Mediterranean could not be easier.

The adventure starts already in the dive center. After a short check-in, you will be equipped with high-quality snorkeling gear by brands like Mares, Cressi and Aqualung. Afterwards, you are heading to the to the harbor. After only 2 walking minutes you take your seat on one of our comfortable diving boats for 10 to 30-minute ride. During the exciting boat trip along the Cap Pinar or the Cap Formentor, you will have a unique view into the bay of Pollença.

Even though the boat ride itself is an experience by arriving at the target the adventure begins. Soon you will see that our snorkel sites are providing us with the perfect conditions to snorkel, dive, swim or just to relax on the boat. The incredible rock formations, caves, and small bays are creating an El Dorado for snorkelers. Like the landscape above the surface, you can imagine the mysterious underwater world. Snorkeling has almost no limit of age. Children and adults will enjoy this easy way to explore the underwater world.

Of course, you will receive detailed instructions on how to use your snorkeling equipment. Like how to clear the snorkel or mask, after water has entered. In the beginning, if necessary you will receive even in water help. Your instructor will support you finding the correct swim position and to optimize the use of mask, snorkel, and fins. Besides that, we will explore the underwater world together. You will easily find Sparidaes, Ornate wrasses, Needlefishes, Damselfishes, starfishes and many other. The more difficult ones we will help you to find. Like the octopus, cuttlefishes and even the broad-nosed pipefish.

Snorkelling, sea caves and cliff jump activity
Really impressed with skuala team who looked after my 12 year old son who went out alone on the trip alongside people from other parties. All assistants spoke fluent English…Read more

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