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Rent High-Quality Diving Equipment

Skualo Alcudia is working with the most innovative and high quality equipment of the industry made by mares, a brand representing only the best in dive products. Constant investment in the development, research, testing and a creative, professional approach make mares a synonym of quality, safety, duration and reliability.

You can rent the displayed equipment while diving with us, check our prices list.

If your friends and you carry the required certification, you can rent the equipment and discover the nearby dive sites on your own.

Since the regulator is one of if not the most important piece of equipment at Skualo Alcudia we only apply compensated membrane driven regulators like the MARES 15X and the MARES MR12 on our boat dives. On our shore dives and during confined water session we use the MARES RS2.

Buoyancy Compensators
We supply you with the Rover BC from the MARES DIVING CENTER line. Thanks to it simplicity, flexibility in size and adjustment options it is the perfect BC for a diving center and adjustable to you.

Our divers are diving can choose between 12L steel tanks (long / short; mono valve), 11.1L / 80cft aluminium tanks (mono or mono-expandable valve), 10L steel (mono or mono-expandable valve),  7L steel tanks (long, mono valve), 6L steel tanks (mono valve), 5L steel tanks (mono valve).

Please note that currently we do not have 15L, no twin valve tanks.

We have three different masks in our rental equipment to cover almost all types of faces. In addition we hold different mask for children in different age groups to find the perfect mask for everyone.

Fins & Boots
To walk comfortably from the diving center to the boat or to your shore dive site our fins the Avanti X3 is used in combination with the NG Classic Neoprene Boot. We hold sizes from size US 3 / UK 2,5 / EU 34 up to US 13 / UK 13 / EU 48.

Wet Suits
In Skualo Alcudia we hold three type of suits for you the MARES Rover Shorty as 3mm (Sizes -2 / 4XS to 9 / 4XL), the MARES Rover Long as 5mm (Sizes -2 / 4XS to 9 / 4XL) and the MARES Pioneer as a 7mm (Size 3 / M to 6 / XL). From this variety you can choose the best wetsuit for the current conditions.

Buy High Quality Diving Equipment

Currently we have the following mares products in stock. Please contact us in case you are searching for a specific item!

adults masks & snorkels

Snorkel Set Tropical
The Tropical snorkeling mask is available in white or blue – all made in comfy silicone.

Mask Juno
The Juno is a framless silicone skirt dive mask with single lens and great field of vision.

Mask Opera
The Opera scuba mask has a simple, traditional design. It is a great travel companion as it is both durable and lightweight. The mask also has customizable lenses and comes in 3 colors. The Opera- an expression of Mares’ tradition for quality!

Set Tana Mask & Snorkel
Our Tana diving mask is available in black.
A lightweight, comfortable mask including a silicone skirt and soft touch inserts on the frame.

Mask Jupiter
The Jupiter is the XL version of the Juno frameless mask for those who prefer a wider fit. Still with a great field of vision!

Mask Pure Wire
Get unparallelled comfort, performance and versatility with the customizable Pure Wire!
Contact our center for all available color options!

kids masks & snorkels

Mask Blenny
The Blenny mask is available in 3 bright colors – a fun, eye-catching mask with silicone skirt and swivel buckles

Combo Blenny
The comfortable Blenny mask combined with a semi-dry snorkel is available in 3 bright block colors – perfect for the holidays!

Combo Turtle
The Turtle combo is a simple snorkeling set available in two fun color pairings – green/blue or pink/blue! Single lense for a great field of vision!

Mask Turtle
Fun color-combo junior snorkeling masks – available in green/blue or pink/blue!

Set Sea Friends
The adorable Sea Friends set is everything you could need for your next holiday – a comfortable mask and fins with a 100% dry top snorkel, all in a fun backpack. With an octopus, turtle or fish to choose from your little ones will love it!