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Scuba Dive our Special Dive Sites including Wrecks, Nature Reserves, Remote Locations and beautiful Caverns!

Special Dives

Our special dives are mostly remote or more advanced Dive Sites, we do not visit during our daily Dive Trips to Pollensa Bay.

Usually the Special Dives are conducted on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday) as substitutes for our regular Double Dive. These dives feature more advanced Caverns, our Wreck and el Colomer. Depending on the chosen dives you might need to calculate up to a full day for the planned two dives. Please remember to respect the depthlimits of your certification, because we do.

Want to go on a Night Dive? Discover the variety of the marine life in the dark and find hunting octopus, hiding scorpion fish and fearless sepia. Our Night Dives are conducted on request off shore at our local dive site Cala Erotica.


Our dives are limited to 60 min. maximum dive time, your air consumption or no-decompression limits. Wich ever applies first.


The depth limit is determined by your certification level. Most of our Special Dives are exceeding the Open Water Diver restriction of 18m and require an Advanced (SSI AA, PADI AOWD or equivalent) or Deep Dive Specialty.

Boat Dive

All our Double Dives are conducted by our SKUALO VI, a 350ps / V8 powered Zodiac speedboat, operated by a professional Captain.

Certified Guides

All our Double Dives are led by at least one certified SSI Professional of our multilingual team.

The Special Dive Sites


10 €

Night Surcharge

The night surcharge apply on the dives made outside the dive centres normal working hours.

10 €

Distance Surcharge

The distance surcharge apply on the dives made outside the bay of Pollensa, it applies only once even if both dives (on a two dive trip) are marked for distance surcharge. The distance surcharge might be combined with other surcharges (except the Full Day Surcharge).

5 €

Wreck Surcharge

Applys on all our wreck dives. It maybe combined with other surcharges and will be applied on all wreck dives made during the same trip.

5 €

“Advanced” Cavern Surcharge

Applys on all our “advanced” cavern dives. It maybe combined with other surcharges and will be applied on all “advanced” cavern dives made during the same trip.

20 €

Full Day Surcharge

Applies on all our full day (6 – 8 hours) special dive trips (two dives). It maybe combined with other surcharges (except the distance surcharge).

Frequently asked Questions

What are the requirements to join a Special Dive Trip?

To join our Special Dives, you need to present the following documentation, printed or digital:

  1. You have to have been diving with us before.
  2. Your valid diving license (minimum level specified in the according dive site).
  3. Diving Insurance covering decompression and other diving related accidents and injuries. Mandatory by law in Spain.
  4. Medical certificate proving your physical ability to scuba dive.
  5. With booking a activity you accept our General Terms and Conditions.

How much time do I have to plan for a Special Dive Trip?

Our Special Dives differ in duration depending on the choosen dive sites between 4/5 hours and a full day. All our dives are limited to a maximum divetime of 60 minutes, but may be shorter depending on the dive site (no-decompression limits) and your air consumption.

Is it possible to go on a Special Dive without scuba diving experience?

If you don’t have the necessary scuba diving experience please take a look at our Double Dives and Single Dives, or if you are not a certified diver book either a Try Scuba Diving (Try Dive in the sea from shore) or a Basic Diver (two Try Dives in the sea one from shore and one from the boat).

I haven't been diving in a while, do I have to do a refresh?

The same restrictions as for our regular Double Dive are valid, in addition to those requirements stated in the requirements for this trip (Question 1).

Are there activities for my non-diving family?

Unfortunately we do not take boat passengers on our Special Dives. Except Full-Day trips to the Cabrera marine reserve park.

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