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Get checked for diving!

Medical Certificate

In Spain, a medical certificate of a professional doctor (or a declaration of the medical status of the diver himself)* is required by law for any certified diver wishing to dive, or any person wishing to enrol in a course that leads to a certification! If you are not able to obtain your medical certificate in your country of origin, you can consult these institutions in northern Mallorca:

Alcudia Psicomedica Alcudia
Can Picafort Policlinic Nord Medical Center


As Scuba diving does involve some risk and some medical conditions can raise the risk of death or deathly injuries, it is highly recommended to get your body condition checked for diving before diving. The medical certificate focuses principally on cardiac, pulmonary and neurological conditions. Additionally all general health issues will be reconsidered, that may put a diver at increased risk for decompression sickness, and/or other conditions such as loss of consciousness, which could lead to drowning and/or other risky/deathly situations.
The most common condition that will cause people to be declared medically unfit to dive is Bronchial Asthma. Other common conditions that can affect fitness to dive are problems with hearing, sinus infections and ear infections. These can be temporary and do not place the diver at increased risk of death, so generally a warning is made of the risks involved.

The medical certificate is basically an assessment of the ability of the diver to survive unexpected underwater or on-surface emergencies, and the risk of death, unconsciousness, impaired judgement, disorientation, impaired mobility, or decompression sickness that may be associated with diving with a particular condition or disorder. The medical certificate has an expiry date, and must be dated less than 12 months prior to diving.

*Declaration of your medical status

We at Skualo Alcudia prefer to see a medical certificate of a professional doctor, proofing you have been really checked for Scuba Diving. By law, a diver may declare himself fit to dive if certain body conditions can be excluded. As a service to our customers, we accept this form of medical declaration as a substitute of a medical certificate and provide the above seen medical questionnaire at our dive center.
This form of testifying your health condition for diving only is possible, if all the 10 questions on the first page of this medical questionnaire can be answered with a NO.

NOTE: If any answer to one of the 10 questions on the first page of this questionnaire is a YES, you will have to present a dive medical signed by a professional doctor!

Please read the questionnaire carefully.
Again, you will find the first page of this form printed out in the dive center upon arrival.