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Become a certified Open Water Diver and dive independently with other Open Water Divers up to 18m!

SSI Open Water Diver

The SSI Open Water Diver is probably the most popular entry-level course and teaches you everything you need to know to become an autonomous scuba diver. Therefore upon completion of this course you’ll be able to dive together with a buddy (of your or a higher level) up to 18m.

The Open Water Diver course contains six theory modules, three of the Scuba Diver and three of the Open Water Diver. In addition you are going to participate in six confined water sessions and four certifying open water dives (two of the Scuba Diver and 2 of the Open Water Diver).

This course focus, in addition to the basics of the Scuba Diver part, on dive planning, the buddy system, and how to handle and avoid basic stress and emergency situations (If you are interested in learning more about that check out the SSI Stress & Rescue Course).


Receive your theory materials and do your final exam in your mother language.


Save time on your holidays and receive your theory materials while you are still at home and start learning before your course begins.

Equipment & Insurance

Rental equipment and diving insurance is included during the course.

Small Groups

Our courses are held with max. 4 Students per Instructor. The average group size is 2-3. If necessary assistants join.

Frequently asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the Open Water Diver Course?

To join the SSI Open Water Diver Course, you need to present the following documentation, printed or digital:

  1. Be 12 years or older.
  2. Be a safe swimmer.
  3. Complete the Medical Questionnaire (answering first 10 questions with “No”) if not present a Medical certificate proving your physical ability to scuba dive.
  4. With booking a activity you accept our General Terms and Conditions.

How much time do I have to plan for a SSI Open Water Diver Course?

The SSI Open Water Diver course requires between 24 and 32 hours of your holidays split in either four half and one full day (4 and 8 hours; mostly in low season) or three full days (8 hours; high season).

If you haven’t done the E-Learning at home, you should calculate another 30 min to one hour per day, to complete the “homework” (Review Questions to identify topics needing reinforcement before we present you for the exam).

These times do not necessarily include breaks.

Is it possible to join the SSI Scuba Diver Course without any previous experience?

If you don’t have any scuba diving experience and you haven’t even done a Try Dive (Try Scuba Diving) we recommend you to do that before to see if you actually like scuba diving. If you then decide to continue with a Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver Course we are giving you credit for the Try Dive, and discount it from the total price.

Please Note: That the credit is only valid for 6 months. The same for the applicable discount. 

Do I have a Credit / Discount for completing the SSI Try Scuba Diving or Basic Diver?

Try Scuba Diving

Requirments to recieve the credit and/or discount from your SSI Try Scuba Diving:

  • Successfull completion of the Try Scuba Diving was within the last 6 months (Digital Recognition card).
  • The SSI Try Scuba Diving was completed at our diving center, Skualo Alcudia.

The discount will be 70 €.


Basic Diver

Requirments to recieve the credit and/or discount from your SSI Basic Diver Course:

  • Successfull completion of the SSI Basic Diver within the last 6 months (Digital Certification Card).

The discount will be 90 €.


Scuba Diver

Requirments ro recieve the credit and/or discount from your SSI Scuba Diver Course:

  • Successfull completion of the SSI Scuba Diver Course (Digital Certification Card).

The discount will be 160 €.

Our discounted online offer


Learn about Your Body And The Aquatic Environment, Usage Of Your Life Support Equipment Underwater, Breathing Gas And The Effects On Your Body, The Value Of A Dive Partner And Executing Your Dives, The Ocean And Your Diving Opportunities, and Your Scuba Diving Experiences And Beyond.

Training and 4 Open Water Dives

You will learn plenty of new skills during your confined water (in the sea or pool) sessions and show us what you've learned in four open water dives (two of them from the boat).

Digital Certification included

Your digital certification card is included in your Scuba Diver Course package. A printed certification card can be obtained on-site.

Prepared for more

Once you have completed the full Open Water Diver Course you are a fully certified Autonomous diver and able to dive together with a dive partner (of the same level or higher) up to 18m and join interesting Specialty Courses.

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