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Our SSI Scuba Diving Courses

At Skualo Alcudia we offer a great variaty of scuba diving courses from entry level up to Instructor. In addition to those courses advancing your level we offer a lot of interesting specialty courses which not only specialise your abilities but also create new experiences and open unknown possibilities.

Try Scuba Diving

SSI Try Scuba Diving

If you are unsure if scuba diving is the right thing for you this program the perfect entry in the underwater world. In a few hours we explain you the basic principals of scuba diving and go for a shore dive in shallow waters.

SSI Basic Diver

If you have tried scuba diving before or are sure that it's the right thing for you the SSI Basic Diver Program gives you the possibility to learn the basics by shore and then do a dive by boat.


SSI Scuba Skills Update

Refresh your scuba diving skills to get back into scuba diving or to gain confidence in your abilities.

SSI Pro Updates

We offer a variaty of SSI Pro Updates for further information please contact us.

Entry-Level Courses

SSI Basic Diver

Except of being a nice introduction into scuba diving, the Basic Diver is basically a SSI Scuba Diver limited for a half year. So if you are interested to do some interesting dives by boat thats a way to go.

SSI Scuba Diver

The Scuba Diver is the first half of the full Open Water Diver course. It will teach you everything necessary to dive with a certified professional in depths up to 12m. An upgrade to Open Water Diver is possible in every SSI Diving Center around the world.

SSI Open Water Diver

To become an autonomous diver the SSI Open Water Diver is the course to go for. Our intensive course teach you in 3 to 4 days everything necessary to know to be able to dive with someone of the same level as you or higher in depths up to 18m.

Advanced Courses

SSI Advanced Adventurer

Try 5 of the adventorous specialties of your choosing, gaining additional experience and showing you other areas of Scuba Diving. If you choose to finish one of the specialties you tried during this program the completed part may be credited.

SSI Specialty Courses

Try one of these specialty courses: Equipment Techniques, Boat Diving, Marine Ecology, Night & Limited Visibility, Navigation, Nitrox, Stress & Rescue, Search & Recovery, Perfect Buoyancy, Science of Diving, Deep Diving, and Wreck Diving.

Professional Courses

SSI Dive Guide/Divemaster

You are interested in becoming an SSI Dive Professional and you would like to work in the recreational scuba diving industry? - Then this is your first step.

SSI Assistant Instructor

On your way to become an Instructor there is no way to skip the Assistant Instructor. In this course you will learn how to give in-water and theory presentations. After completing you will be able to give your first classes.

Open Water Instructor

Become an instructor by joining our Instructor Training Courses held by Felix A. Spiess SSI Instructor Trainer with more than 7 years of experience in the industry.

Instructor Upgrades

If you are interested in teaching a new specialty course or an upgrade to Assistant Instructor Trainer. Feel free to contact us and we are going to organize you a Co-Teaching or Seminar.