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SSI Specialty Courses

Scuba Diving is one of the most diverse hobbies. Along with just observing the underwater world during your dives, there are many other things to learn and to discover. Since not everyone is interested in all these other experiences we provide a variety of SSI Specialty Courses for you to choose from.

As a result your scuba adventure really starts with courses like: Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Search & Recovery, Deep Diving, Ecology Courses, Photo & Video, Nitrox, and many more. If you do not know what excites you, we recommend you join the Advanced Adventurer, which is a perfect way to try different specialties, see what you like, and even get credited for the specialty course.

Levels Of Recognition


To complete the Specialty Diver Level you need to have minimum 12 logged dives and completed at least 2 Specialty Courses.


To complete the Advanced Open Water Diver Level you need to have minimum 24 logged dives and completed at least 4 Specialty Courses.


To complete the Master Diver Level you need to have minimum 50 logged dives and completed at least 5 Specialty Courses.

The Specialties to choose from...

Boat Diving

During the Boat Diving specialty course you are going to learn a lot about boats and how to dive from them. We are going to get to know the different kind of boats, several scuba diving scenarios from those, and obviously do our own boat dives.

290 €

Dive Guide

The Dive Guide is the course you need start a professional career, if you want to, we also recommend to take it on a personal level (non-professional), as you learn a lot more about group dynamics, stress and how to organise and manage dives the correct way.

650 €

Deep Diving

Many divers are fascinated by it, the depth. In this course you are learning the techniques and skills to do deep dives in up to 40m of depth. If you are interested we can also recommend you our Deep & Wreck Combo course.

340 €

Equipment Techniques

Learn about equipment, how it works, how it has to be maintained on a daily basis and what types of equipments exist.

190 €

Night & Limited Visibility

Scuba diving while its dark outside is one of the most exciting experiences for most divers. While being able to view species hidden during the day, it is a great way to get introduced in a completely new world.

250 €

Enriched Air Nitrox

EANx or most commonly known as Nitrox is a gas mixture similar to air, allowing us longer no decompression limits at depth or on repetitive dives. In this course you are learning how to get the most of it.

190 €

Perfect Buoyancy

Your buoyancy is probably one of the most used and important skills for a scuba diver. It is obviously that you can get better just by diving and practicing, but did you know that in this course you can actually practice with an Instructor doing several exercises and refreshing your buoyancy knowledge.

250 €

Photo & Video

We love to take pictures when we are on holiday. If you are like we are, you probably spent a lot of your holiday underwater, so why not learn how to take pictures of those great memories underwater.

From 250 €

Science of Diving

If you are into science then this is the perfect course for you. Learn how the science behind scuba diving works. In addition you would be prepared if you thinking about becoming a Pro, since the Science of Diving is obligatory to become a Pro.

190 €

Search & Recovery

Did you ever lost something valuable while being on a boat or playing in the water? – In this course we teach you ways to search for objects underwater, and recover them afterwards.

From 250 €

Shark Ecology

Do sharks fascinate you? – If so this course will be really interesting for you. Upon completion we can even organise a dive with sharks in Europe’s largest fish tank at Palma Aquarium (to be booked separately, ask us for further information).

190 €

Diver Stress & Rescue

Stress can lead to difficult situation in diving. While you learn some techniques to avoid and treat your personal stress during the Open Water Diver Course, the Stress & Rescue course helps you to understand the topic much better and be more conscious about other divers in the group. In addition you will learn how to help stressed or panicking divers and how to rescue them.

420 €

React Right

Knowing the basics of CPR, first aid, and how to administrate Oxygen are important skills for scuba divers of any level, since we enjoy diving on remote places. Therefore the React Right course teaches you exactly these, while focusing on situations connected to scuba diving in addition to those in “standard” CPR and first aid courses.

190 €

Wreck Diving

… is an activity allowing us to see and live history from a first-person view. Diving down to wrecks allows us to see in the past and how the sea takes back what we as humans created.

290 €

Our discounted online offer

Deep & Wreck Combo

4 Open Water Dives

2 Days (8 hours/day)

40m Max. Depth

500 €

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