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Dive into new adventures and see what specialty courses might be interesting for you.

SSI Advanced Adventurer

Once you’ve completed the first dives after finishing your Open Water Diver course you’ll notice that there is a lot more to explore and to experience. To do just that SSI has a variety of Specialty Courses you can take, but if you aren’t really sure what you like to do or what could be of interest the Advanced Adventurer is your choice.

While for a normal Specialty Course you have to choose one, the Advanced Adventurer let’s you choose 5 specialties of the list below. Once chosen you are going to do some theory and the first dive of each of those specialties. Besides giving you a wide range of experience and adventure, you can be credited with one dive, if you decide to complete one of the chosen specialties.


Receive your theory materials and do your final exam in your mother language.


Save time on your holidays and receive your theory materials while you are still at home and start learning before your course begins.

Shore & Boat Dive

The Advanced Adventurer consists of five Open Water Dives (3 from shore and 2 from the boat).


The depth limits for this course are 30m if you choose to do the Deep Dive or 18m if you don't.

Specialties to choose from...

Frequently asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the Advanced Adventurer Course?

To join the Advanced Adventurer Program, you need to meet the following requirments:
1. Diving license (minimum level of SSI Open Water Diver or equivalent)
2. Diving Insurance covering decompression and other diving related accidents and injuries. Mandatory by law in Spain.
3. Medical certificate proving your physical ability to scuba dive.

How much time do I have to plan for the Advanced Adventurer Program?

The Advanced Adventurer Programm requires approximately 14 hours of your holidays split in either two days (8 and 6 hours) or 3 half days (6 hours, 3 hours, and 3 hours).

If you haven’t done the E-Learning at home, you should calculated another 30 min to one hour per day, to complete the “homework” (Review Questions to identify topics needing reinforcement before we present you for the exam).

These times do not necessarly include breaks.

Is it possible to join the SSI Advanced Adventurer without scuba diving experience?

If you don’t have any scuba diving experience (you are not a certified diver) please book either a Try Scuba Diving (Try Dive in the sea from shore), or an Entry Level Course like the Basic Diver (two Try Dives in the sea one from shore and one from the boat), Scuba Diver, or Open Water Diver.

Will I receive a credit to complete the specialty courses started during the Advanced Adventurer?

Yes, the specialties you choose for your Advanced Adventurer will appear on your digital certification card so that you can continue them later.

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Try Specialties

Try different specialties and discover new passions. Specialties to choose from: Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility, Perfect Buoyancy, Photo & Video, and Search & Recovery.

5 Dives included

During your Advanced Adventurer Program, you will participate in 5 Open Water Dives of which three are done from shore and two from the boat.

Specialty Credits

Receive your Specialty Credits to complete the full Specialty Courses of the ones you choose upon certification.

Special Equipment

All special equipment needed to complete the Advanced Adventurer Program can be rented free of charge during the course.

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