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Become an SSI Dive Professional and make your first steps in Mallorca with Skualo Alcúdia!

SSI Dive Guide

The SSI Dive Guide is the first step in your career as a recreational dive professional. During this course you will learn what your role as a Dive Guide is, how to prepare and conduct a dive, group management, emergency situations, and your personal skill level and development as a diver.

In addition to the above the Snorkelling Program, which you are going to be able to teach upon completion of this program, is part of your training, too. The way of conducting programs on your own and the jump to recreational scuba diving programs can be made with the Assistant Instructor or Instructor (Instructor Training Course).

Frequently asked Questions

What are the requirements to join the Dive Guide Course?

The requirements to participate in the SSI Dive Guide course are:

  • 17 years or older (18 on completion)
  • 40 or more logged dives (50 on completion)
  • Be holder of Stress & Rescue Certification (or equivalent from another organisation)
  • Hold the following specialty certifications: Deep Diving, Navigation, Night & Limited Visibility; OR alternatively a proof of experience of at least 5 dives in each specialty.

How much time do I have to plan for the Dive Guide Course?

The Dive Guide Course is planned for 5 full days and may be extended to a 6th day.

Can I do this course a non-professional way?

Yes, you can become a Dive Guide (non-professional). This won’t require you to pay SSI membership fees once completed, but you won’t be able to work. Instead an activation as pro is possible at any time.

How can I upgrade to become a Divemaster?

The upgrade to the Divemaster level is automatic and done through the Science of Diving course.

Can I work after completing the Dive Guide?

After completing your SSI Dive Guide course, you have the “active” status which allows you to teach the SSI Snorkelling program, and guide other certified divers. To obtain and hold he “active” status you’ll have to:

  • Be affiliated to an active SSI Training Center.
  • Read and sign the SSI Professional Agreement.
  • Pay your anual membership fee.
  • Hold a professional liability insurance (where required)
  • Hold a valid medical certificate signed by a doctor.
  • Hold a valid certification for CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen administration.

Matching these requirements you will be able to work with any SSI Training Center around the world. Please keep in mind that experience is something incredibly important in the professional Scuba Diving industry. Therefore we recommend you to spent some additional time in a diving center learning how a diving center works. Alternatively you can apply to one of our internship programs.

How far would you like to go?

  • Divemaster
  • 800
    Start your career!
    • SSI Dive Guide Specialty Course
    • Divemaster Upgrade:
      Science of Diving
    • Including: Didactic materials & Fees

    Duration: 7 days

  • Assistant Instructor
  • 1.650
    Start Teaching!
    • SSI Dive Guide
    • Divemaster Upgrade:
      Science of Diving
    • SSI Assistant Instructor
    • Including: Didactic materials, Fees

    Duration: 13 days

  • Instructor
  • 3.150
    Zero to hero!
    • SSI Dive Guide
    • Divemaster Upgrade:
      Science of Diving
    • SSI Assistant Instructor
    • SSI Open Water Instructor
    • Including: Didactic materials, Fees

    Duration: 25 days